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  As a self proclaimed renegade jazz journalist and critical mercenary I have always had a problem with the concept of paying your dues to make an impact in the music business.

In short...Length of time and competency do not necessarily go hand in hand. Pianist Nicholas Cole was first signed by Cutmore Records at the age of 18 and with the technical proficiency and artistic vision of those twice his age. If the name Cutmore sounds familiar it should, Les Cutmore is the founder of the highly regarded Trippin 'N' Rhythm label.

Cole's first major label debut explores the endless possibilities within contemporary instrumental music without all the baggage and boredom that comes with the format driven sub genre some refer to as "smooth jazz." Steve Cole, Steve Oliver and saxophone phenom Vincent Ingala give an instant stamp of credibility and offer up the right amount of pop and vitality to sidestep some of the sonic pitfalls that literally caused the bottom to drop out of the smooth jazz market. The first logical question is who does Cole sound like? Nicholas Cole of course...Nicholas Cole walks a harmonic tightrope as an instrumentalist with a Bob James meets Herbie Hancock type vibe that is harmonically a step ahead of his contemporaries. Endless Possibilities the release is somewhere between Brian Culbertson and Kirk Whalum. Bottom line is the Nicholas Cole is the real deal.

"Please Don't Say No" features guitarist Tim Bowman, a mid tempo flow of layers of texture and a lyrical sense of purpose that sets the tone for the entire release. Bowman is first rate and perhaps the most underrated guitarist working the smoother side of the jazz street. "Just One Night" with Steve Cole is more introspective soulful number with an intriguing harmonic development. Cole is a perfect fit for this tune and adds the right counterpoint to another rock solid number. "In It To Win It" is buoyant tune which displays a keen sense of melody and an infectious groove or to borrow a phrase from one of the label executives, " more hooks than a fisherman's hat." Predictability of sub par vocals seems to be the number one pet peeve of this style of contemporary instrumental jazz while "Beyond The Stars" is the only vocal track on the release. A finely crafted tune that Lynne Fiddmont does exceptionally well with. Crossover potential? While not normally a fan of most vocals on releases that walk that contemporary tightrope, Fiddmont is a vocalist I would love to hear more from. The release closes with "Tatiana"  which is a beautiful melody in search of a fine feature film.

Nicholas Cole is a prolific instrumental talent, composer and shows off his talent as Co-Producer of this contemporary gem. The overall sound quality of this release is equally as impressive as the record itself. There is a deceptively subtle ambient quality and a warmer more open ended sound as compared to some of Cole's contemporaries. My concern would be that Cole might spread himself too thin but Cutmore Records and the entire Trippin 'N' Rhythm family place a high priority on artistic development so my concern is minimal at best.

This release could slip past you and that would be a shame. Some people have written that once Cole gets some more mileage on him then think how good he will be. I would rather celebrate how good he is now. Cole has mad skills and Endless Possibilities should be considered his coming out party!

Nicholas Cole is part of the future of modern jazz, a more evolved sound for the time and the future is now!

Tracks: Please Don't Say No ( featuring Tim Bowman); Between Us (featuring Michael Stever); Falling For You; When I Think Of You; In It To When It; Just One Night (featuring Steve Cole); Endless Possibilities; Beyond The Stars (featuring Lynne Fiddmont); Snap (featuring Vincent Ingala); Oasis (featuring Steve Oliver); Playin Again; Triple Threat (featuring Marcus Anderson & Julian Vaughn); Conversations; Tatiana.

You gotta dig it!


Anthony Fernandez: Hi Nicholas, thanks so much for the add! Much appreciated! I've added four of your tracks to my station's playlist as I know my listening audience will just love your music.

Pamela Black: Hey Nicholas! Got you on the playlist my friend! "Secrets (the remix)" Check out the Smooth Jazz at Pamela's Place! KUNV -- Welcome Smooth/Comtemporary Jazz at Pamela's Place every Saturday & Sunday 7a-10am PST Airing the new music of the Pianist...Nicholas Cole!

Jeannine Hennawi: Hello, there. Congratulations on the record, the amount of talent you have is indescribable. I'm 17, too :) Good to see other teens jumping into the jazz scene. *high-fives* good luck, fly high!!

Carole Bo: Awesome, awesome interview today! You are absolutely incredible! A shining star! Your CD is definitely a "must have".

Bruce Nazarian "The Digital Guy" Radio Show: Nicholas - got alerted to your music earlier today - dropped by your website and checked it out - good stuff man! Congrats! Will be playing some of your tracks on the Digital Guy radio show in future weeks.

"The most difficult part you may find when listening to Nicholas Cole's music is trying to picture this very young man creating these very mature lines on the piano.  The technique and texture alone lends itself to a much older, much more seasoned performer and then when your musical mind comes back to earth you remember Cole is still a teenager - it is amazing" ~Steve Amari, Beyond One Entertainment

Ok, so I wake up this morning and go to the computer. I go to this new kid's website to checkout his music and it blew me away!!! If you were to close your eyes and listen, you would not be able to tell that this was a 17 yr old young man. This guy is beyond his years in writing, production, the whole shabang. Please support Nicholas Cole, a young, hot piano jazz artist @ This Marcus Anderson and I approve this message, lol.

Nicholas Cole / Talking Smooth Jazz

Nicholas Cole's Interview on Talking Smooth Jazz The interview will be at 12:55 pm, pacific time and 3:55 pm, eastern time on October 30, 2010 with Terri Scott, Michael Reynolds and Pamela Black. Where You Meet The Artists Saturdays/Sundays, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, pacific time Artist/Guests/Listeners Call (646) 716-5485

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